2011 – The Launch

The Lore of Crafters project started as ImperoCraft in 2011. While it launched as a basic Minecraft survival server for friends it quickly became a community server for all to enjoy. Figuring out how to stand out from all other community servers the team behind it decided to rebrand itself to Lore of Crafters in the summer of 2012.

2012 – The Server Network

After closing down for a couple weeks Lore of Crafters opened it’s first Prison Roleplay server in July 2012. It was our first really popular server (that couldn’t handle the load at time) as peak times had over 100 players online!

Due to it’s success we we’re quickly able to open a new Creative and Survival server to the public! And so our server network was born.

By the end of 2012 we had 4 public servers and we had all these connected via 1 central hub & connection point so players would no longer need to disconnect and join a different IP to play another type of server.

2013 – Expansion & Peaks

Just like 2012, this was one of the peak years for the servers, with up to 400 simultaneous players accross all the servers. With weekly events such as Super Spleef Sunday, we were able to get our entire community together to verse each other and find out who the winner of the week was.

This is also the year that we created our Hub of the World with the flags of every country on the planet built surrounding the spawn location for all our players.

Whilst having server issues, capacity and load wise, the team decided to create a copy of our existing North American based server network. We then modified this copy and implemented it on servers based in Europe to provide lower latency for our players across the globe.

Later we learned that splitting up our community wasn’t the best solution and so we merged our entire network back together.

2014 – The Fall

This was the year with a series of updates from the game developers side & changes that only the larger server networks with their own plugin/server programmers could survive.

Towards the end of 2014 the decision was made to end the Lore of Crafters project and focus more on our other projects (ArkanBuilds, ArkanHosting, …).

Since then, the server has been revived many times, mostly for community nostalgia reasons.